Kalaash Valley

Place: Chitral Valley

Category: Hiking , Horse Riding , Snow fall , Valley , Waterfall ,

Suitable for Family Suitable for Adults

Latitude: 35.70145641015896

Longitude: 71.67896667620471


The Kalash are an ancient pagan tribe living in three valleys of Chitral namely Bamburate, Birir, and Rumbur. The Kalash religion is based on myths and superstitions that relate to the relationship between the human soul and the universe. This relationship, according to Kalash mythology, finds its manifestation in music and dance, which also contributes to the pleasure of their gods and goddesses. The Kalash celebrate four major festivals commemorating seasonal change and significant events in agro-pastoral life by offering sacrifices on altars, cooking traditional meals and dancing to traditional music during the week-long events. Major Kalaash Festivals are; Joshi or Chilim Jusht: The spring festival is celebrated from May 13th-16th every year. The festival seeks the blessings of gods and goddesses for the safety of the herds and crops of the Kalash community. Utchal: The summer festival is celebrated from August 18th-21st every year. The festival commemorates the summer season and the abundance of dairy products in the summer pastures. Phoo: The autumn festival is celebrated around mid-October every year, depending each year on the ripening of the crops and fruits. The festival also celebrates the return of livestock herds from the summer pastures. Chaumos or Chitirmas: The winter festival is celebrated from December 8th -21st every year. This is the most important Kalash festival. New clothes are arranged for each family member on the eve of the festival. The grand Kalash god, Mahandeo, is offered sacrifices.

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