Place: Kurram Agency

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Latitude: 33.90112347974066

Longitude: 70.0860402546823


Parachinar is the headquarters of the Kurram Agency. Besides, this, the city also serves as the headquarters of Kurram Militia. Parachinar is also an important religious destination for the Shiites as it is home to prominent and the country’s largest Imam Bargah and witnesses large processions during the Holy month of Muharram. Along with Shiites, there is a mosque of Sunnis, which has the highest minaret in the town. There is the shrine of a saint, Iranay Agha who came from Iran to teach holy deeds. Parachinar is known to have deposits of semi-precious stones that are often mined or collected by the local people. There is a historical gate in Parachinar with the name Masunghi. It was built by a Hindu Maan Singh. The metallic road is available from Kohat to Parachinar. There are metallic roads inside the city as well. However, most of the roads are closed due to the present wave of violence in the area. Being the Agency headquarters, the city can accommodate tourists through appropriate hotels and eating-places. There are three large and four small hotels available in the city. Infrastructure is compatible with hotels in Swat. There is a Governor Cottage where people can stay with PA’s permission. The large number of rooms and is good condition. Besides, this there is Circuit House, PWD and other government departments’ rest houses in the area. Restaurants and roadside cafes are also available in the city. There are about three restaurants and three roadside cafes. Electricity is available, but supply is uncertain due to the present unstable political situation. PTCL coverage and mobile coverage is available. Two major networks, Mobilink and Telenor are available. Specific places of tourists’ interest are not very common. Some parks and swimming pools exist; but on an overall basis, the availability of such facilities is not satisfactory

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