Chitral Museum

Place: Chitral Valley

Category: Parks ,

Suitable for Family Suitable for Adults

Latitude: 35.84789722986371

Longitude: 71.78590463474393


Every place has its own unique culture and art that is preserved in different forms. Chitral Museum is truly a preserver of its ancestor’s art that is left for the future generation. The Museum built on 8 July 2010 and the main idea was to maintain the cultural heritage for the tourist.  The museum is divided into two different section that is Ethnological Gallery and Archaeological & Kalash Gallery. In its first section, we encounter the jewellery, instruments furniture of the ancestor that was used in 12 century. On the other hand, things are related to the Kalash that shows the cultural heritage of Greek. Notable, the things that are concerned to their God and Goddess. .

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